Radio Airplay is an essential component in every successful Music Marketing plan. For those acts without the benefit of a record deal, promoting music to Non-Commercial Radio Stations is an affordable and effective path towards greater success. Airplay at College and Public stations is the foundation thousands of Independent Recording Artists have stood upon, to gain wider recognition within the music industry.

We've been doing this for a very long time. Since 1983, Relax Music Group worked hundreds of Indie Bands and Acclaimed Artists at College Radio. We've pioneered many of the promotion techniques and procedures used by nearly every promotion company in the business. When it comes to generating awareness and exposure for Independent Music, we literally wrote the book on how to get it done. With our RMG Digital service, we're plugging in to the thousands of Programmers and DJs at Broadcast and Internet Stations across the globe.

RMG can utilize Digital and Physical Promotion campaigns to get our clients Airplay, based on their unique project needs. We can customize Regional or National campaigns towards reaching one of the many published airplay charts, like the CMJ Top 200. Or we can focus on specific cities and regions to support your booking and touring efforts. Relax Music Group will consult with you to put together a campaign that meets your needs and deliver realistic results within your budget. Getting airplay for your music is essential to your long term success, and we can help you expand your presence within your region, nationally, or world wide.

While the industry has faced significant changes in the last 30 years, Indie Recording Artists still MUST GET AIRPLAY FOR THEIR MUSIC to gain wider recognition. With our Physical and Digital promotion services, Relax Music Group can position your songs with the people that can make things happen for your career... Music Directors and DJ's at virtually all methods of broadcasting.

RMG plugs your music into the ears of DJs that play Cool New Music... and when it comes down to it, if a good DJ hears Your Music and they Like It... They'll Play It!

Digital Promotion Campaigns

Your Music could be spinning on 100 Radio Stations starting THIS WEEK! *

RMG provides our Indie Artists with two types of Radio Promotion services. Digital, where we service your MP3 files to Radio Stations and Internet Streams, or Physical Campaigns, where we service your CD to College and Public Radio Stations with the express purpose of reaching the CMJ Top 200 Airplay Chart.

Our Digital Promotion Campaigns provide Indie Artists with immediate distribution of your MP3 files to Music Directors, Programmers and DJs at College and Public Broadcast Radio Stations and Internet Streams. We work with all genres, targeting those Stations and DJs that play Your Style Of Music. Digital Promotion Campaigns are expressly geared to generate Airplay and Exposure for your music directly with select Programmers and DJs where we have an established, working relationship. Digital Campaigns are ideal for generating intitial airplay for New Artists, or providing Established Acts with a quick and affordable means to generate buzz on new tracks in advance of a CD Release.

A typical Digital Campaign will run a minimum of 4 weeks, and as much as 6 to 8 weeks in total length. All of our Promotion Campaigns include Full Tracking and Reporting on All Activities, including outlet contacted, project status, number of spins/plays/views. Set up of Interviews, Giveaways and Station IDs/Breaks are also included at the request of the station.

You can get pricing information on our Digital Promotion Services, or Begin Your Campaign by Clicking Here.

Physical Promotion Campaigns

We work all genres of music, including Modern Rock and Adult Alternative, Rap, Hip Hop and R&B, Reggae, Jazz, Blues, Folk and Techno. From working Specialty Airplay Charts to the CMJ Top 200, we focus our campaigns towards getting as much awareness for your music as possible across the industry. While it still comes down to how well your music is accepted by the Music Directors and DJs we work, we bust ass to get your music listened to by the people that can play your music on the air. If your goal is to hit the CMJ Top 200 Chart, a Physical Promotion Campaign is the only way to get the job done!

Clients using our Physical Promotion Service must provide Full CDs (of at least 8 songs or 30 minutes of music), Barcoded, in a Jewel Case with the Band Name on the spine. Artists with CD Singles or EPs are encouraged to utilize our Digital Promotion services. Our Physical Promotion Services are best utilized as a part of a greater campaign, to support touring, or to capitalize on peak College Radio Season in the Fall and Spring Semesters.

All of our Promotion Campaigns include Full Tracking and Reporting on All Activities, including outlet contacted, project status, number of spins/plays/views. Set up of Interviews, Giveaways and Station IDs/Breaks are also included at the request of the station. We can design a custom Physical Promotion Campaign that can help Break Your Band or Artist.

For complete details contact Patrick Rule at patrick (at) relaxmusicgroup.com.


* Upon acceptance of your music submission and immediate engagement of our services. RMGDigital.net is a Fee Based Promotion Service. If you have Indie Rock Music and would like Free Airplay, please submit music to our sister site, RelaxFreeRadio.org. All visitors are encouraged to review our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.