Our Test Marketing Services place your music directly with Specialty Show Programmers and DJs that we have a working relationship with, who specifically play Your Style of Music. All of our Test Marketing Campaigns are targeted to Programmers and DJs at CMJ Reporting Stations at College and Public Radio. Test Marketing Campaigns will get you Airplay, but more importantly, they will get you a Fair and Constructive Review of Your Music with Tastemaker DJs from All Genres of Music.

These campaigns have been created to help New Artists "test the waters" before committing to a more detailed, and expensive Radio Promotion Campaign. Our Test Marketing Campaigns are also an affordable and economical way to "advance" a CD or EP release with CMJ Chart Reporters. If you have never conducted any sort of promotion at College and Public Radio for your music, then our Test Marketing services can affordably get your music exposed!

Your Music could be spinning on 50 Radio Stations starting THIS WEEK! *

Test Marketing Campaigns are strictly targeted to 50 Non-Commercial Stations in your immediate market area or region. We concentrate our efforts on stations close to your locale to help you develop opportunities with Programmers and DJs that can immediately help your cause. If these guys and gals really like your music, they will go out of their way to help you grow your fan base.

Similar to our Radio Promotion Campaigns, Test Market Campaigns distribute your MP3 files to our Programmers and DJs. Unlike a promotion campaign, Programmers and DJs are asked to give a critique of your materials and provide us with detailed feedback on your project. We completely leave it at their discretion as to whether or not they play your music, as our main goal is to get their feedback. However, if a DJ likes your song and it fits their format, they're going to play it!

Not all of our Programmers and DJs will play your music. Some may not provide more details than "It doesn't fit my taste". Those that do, will be worked to give as much Airplay and Exposure to Your Music as possible.

At the end of your Test Market Campaign, we will provide you with a detailed reporting on all activities, including outlet contacted, DJ comments, and confirmation of airplay. We will also help set up Interviews, Giveaways, or Station IDs with interested Programmers. We'll go over the report with you to review the strengths of your project and determine the best course of action moving forward.

You can get pricing information on our Radio Promotion Services, or Begin Your Campaign by Clicking Here.


* Upon acceptance of your music submission and immediate engagement of our services. RMGDigital.net is a Fee Based Promotion Service. If you have Indie Rock Music and would like Free Airplay, please submit music to our sister site, RelaxFreeRadio.org. All visitors are encouraged to review our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.